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How does the Lazy Drinker Machine work?


The Lazy Drinker Machine is basically an advanced cooler with multiple ingredients inside.  All of the fluids are pressurized and a circuit board takes the input from the user and opens each valve as necessary the exact amount of time needed to mix a drink.  A database of over 5000 drinks has been programmed to accurately pour each drink exactly the same every time.

How much will a Lazy Drinker Machine cost?


We are still determining our manufacturing costs. Final pricing has not been calculated yet but we are trying to keep the cost below $1000.

When will the Lazy Drinker be launched on

Still dotting our I's and crossing our T's while finalizing our tooling costs and all other expenses.  We want to make sure that the project can get funded and be able to afford all of our tooling costs and other expenses.

Is the Lazy Drinker Machine self contained?


Yes, the Lazy Drinker Machine is a fully self-contained unit.  You just add the liquor or fluids you would like to the nine containersthe mixer containers and let the machine do the rest.

Can I use a smartphone or tablet to order a drink?


​Yes, we have developed an interactive interface that will allow you to sort through a list of drinks available on your smartphone or tablet and push a button on your device's screen and the Lazy Drinker will make you that drink.

How cool is the Lazy Drinker?

It is freaking Awesome!

How can I order a Lazy Drinker drink machine?

We are currently researching our tooling costs and other expenses. Once we have solid numbers from our manufacturers we will be able to launch the product on the crowdfunding website

Upon a successful launch on Kickstarter we will start production and open an online storefront where you can purchase a Lazy Drinker Machine directly.  It is advised that you like us on Facebook and follow our progress so you know when we launch because prices will be a bit lower during the launch phase.

What is Kickstarter? is a crowdfunding website that allows creative projects to be funded by backers.  Rather than trying to find angel investors and give half of the start-up company away, Kickstarter allows the projects coordinators to offer smaller rewards that backer can buy.  The beauty of Kickstarter is that no funds are collected or released until the project has been fully funded by a set due date.  This protects backers from not receiving their rewards and it protects the projects coordinators from having to try to produce their idea on a partial budget.

Usually a project's rewards vary from a $5 support donation to a full blown package of the final product or experience.  Check them out on your own by clicking here:

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