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Well, it's an interesting story.

A guy named Jay originally had the inspiration for the Lazy Drinker

automatic drink machine while living in Phoenix in 1995. He was

renting a house with a pool and built a train that ran along a garden

hose that laid around the pool. The train would dock under a cooler

and with the push of a button the cooler would drop a beer into the

train. Push another button and the train would set off around the

pool and people would grab the beers as it passed. Eventually

people jokingly asked to have a mixed drink brought to them so he

began thinking about how to do it and that's when the idea was

formed. It wasn't until 1998 that he built the first version of the Lazy

Drinker. Jay purchased an I/O board with

11 outputs and controlled it with software

he wrote in Visual basic. It was all gravity

fed and the valves were hand made so it was pretty bulky and a pain to change ingredients but it worked pretty well. The next few years were spent pressurizing the system with CO2 and designing and building his own board. This first version of the modern Lazy Drinker with his own hardware was around 2003 and it was around 2005 that he incorporated it into a cooler and tried to sell them. After a few sales here and there the drink machine started to show promise. There were some issues though. A major cooler company reminded him with a friendly letter that he was not allowed to advertise the Lazy Drinker using their brand any more. Also, the cost of many of the individual components

were high and technical support, marketing and development investment was very time consuming. So with all of these issues of costs, time, and not having his own cooler design, production efforts were stalled.

In the meantime, Jay had helped create a smaller trailerable version of the Lazy Drinker for his friend's bicycle team that they could tow behind a bike on a small trailer.

One of the team members and Jay's friend Jim aka "Jimbo" offered to help out with the marketing efforts.  A couple of years of playing around with different ideas and getting put on and off of the back burner went by trying to figure out how to organize and finance this monumental project.  It was then when we learned about a crowdfunding website.  This was the solution we were looking for and full blown plans went into effect to calculate the costs, design changes and improvements that would need to happen to "kick start" the project and help us move forward.

Currently we are re-designing the entire drink machine to incorporate new features such as: a streamlined efficient cooler/container, wireless interactive features for access from smart phones and other devices as well as expanding our already huge database of over 5000 drinks to a user interactive version.

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